“We’re resilient right now,” Mayfield told the NFL

Everything starts with the Heisman Trophy winner. Predictions have Murray all over the top 15 picks, and ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. Said it’s possible Murray could be the first quarterback off the board. “We’re resilient right now,” Mayfield told the NFL Network after the game. “We’ve got a lot of confidence. Yeah, absolutely, it was not our best game whatsoever.

Note: Since this article was first published on Aug. 22, Houston RB Lamar Miller suffered a season ending injury. That made Johnson the Texans’ starting RB, at least for the time being, and makes him much more attractive to fantasy drafters, resulting in a further spike in his ADP, which is now at 7.04..

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“I think you can definitely tell that he’s got that extra year under his belt now,” receiver Trent Taylor said. “I believe he’s going to continue to grow throughout his whole career. He’s definitely slowly getting better and better each year. The Seahawks are a zone running team. Their base run play is the outside zone, which is what they run on the above play. The intent behindthe zone scheme is to get the defense moving side to side, giving the running back lanes to cut back into and burst down the field.

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